Tuesday, December 9, 2008

First Post

This is my first post I've never spoken out about my feelings before, especially to the public. It feels awkward speaking like this, but feel that if I express how I feel I will feel better. So here ago

It will be was three years on February 11 2009. I am now 19 but the fateful day happened February 11, 2006 at Brianhead, Utah. I was with about 10 of my friends, we all drove up from Las Vegas. It was a first-time parents allowed me to drive out of town by myself. All of us pitched in to rent an amazingly nice condo right by the slopes and the first night when we arrived we drank beer smoke pot and had a good time. I regret nothing we were teenagers having a good time. The only thing I regret is not bringing any girls, it was a giant sausage fest with all of my friends, but that did not matter we were were having fun.

The next morning I awoke around nineo'clock; I was not hung over, I did not feel bad, I was to go. Half of my friends stayed at the condo, while the rest got ready. This was the first year I bought a season pass and I was ready to go. I boarded perfect 10 runs down the hill; I was a decent snowboarder, I could tricks, I could do grind grails, I could go fast, and I could carve down the mountain. I was good.

Maybe my ninth or 10th run of the day in hindsight the fateful. I set up to grind my favorite rail while my friends watch behind. I gained speed as i caved down the mountain, eyeing the approach ramp with the rail in front, I hit the ramp..... then Bam. I do not member anything until five minutes later I awoke laying on the snow with my friends around me. I tried to stand up... I tried to move.... I couldn't do anything. At that time I had no idea how my life was going to change forever........